Christmas Tree Care Guide

Decorated Christmas tree


The most crucial aspect of caring for your Christmas tree is to ensure it remains well-hydrated. Much like cut flowers in a vase or potted houseplants, Christmas trees thrive on water. We strongly advise watering your tree daily, so it's essential to regularly check the water level in your tree stand or remember to hydrate your potted tree consistently.

We do not recommend using a stand that does not have the capacity to hold water.

Step 1: Keeping it Fresh

Upon bringing your tree home, it's advisable to trim about 2-3 centimeters from the bottom of the trunk. This action removes any sap residue from the base of the trunk, allowing the tree to absorb water effectively. If you prefer, we offer this service at no extra cost when you select your tree. All delivered trees will already be pre-cut.

Step 2: Adding Water

If you don't intend to set up your tree immediately, consider storing it outside or in a cool location, such as a garage. For proper preservation, keep your tree standing in a bucket of water or place it in a stand designed to hold water.

Step 3: Placement in Your Home

When you're ready to set up your tree, carefully choose its location. Christmas trees thrive longer in cooler areas, such as near a window, ideally away from direct heat sources. If placing your tree near a radiator is necessary, try reducing the radiator's heat rather than removing it.

Step 4: Final Preparations

Now, let's get your tree standing tall. We highly recommend using one of our user-friendly Christmas tree stands. Simply insert the trunk into the stand and tighten the fasteners to secure the tree in an upright position. Once it's standing straight, position the tree as close as possible to your desired location and fill the stand with water. Then, carefully remove the netting from the tree and gently arrange the branches into place.

While some old wives' tales suggest unconventional methods like giving your Christmas tree vodka, lemonade, or spraying it with hairspray to retain needles, we recommend reserving those items for yourself. Instead, follow the natural approach and provide your tree with fresh, clean water to keep it looking its best throughout the holiday season.