Christmas Tree Care Guide

Decorated Christmas tree

The most important way to care for your Christmas is to keep it fed. Just like flowers in a vase or potted house plants, Christmas trees need water. We recommend that your tree is watered every day so you must either check that your tree’s stand is full or water or remember to water your potted tree daily.

We do not recommend that you use a stand that does not hold water.

Step 1. Keep it fresh.

Once your tree is home cut 2 – 3 cms from the bottom of the trunk, this ensures that any sap is removed from the base of the trunk and the tree can take up water. We can do this for you at no extra charge when you pick your tree. All delivered trees will be pre cut.

Step 2. Just add water.

If you’re not intending to put your tree up straight away you should store your tree outside or in a cool place such as a garage. You should store your tree stood in a bucket of water or in a stand that holds water.

Step 3. In the home.

When you are ready to put up your tree think about location. Christmas trees will last longer in a cool place such as by a window, ideally away from a heat source. If you need to to place your tree next to a radiator then turn that radiator’s heat down. We don’t recommend playing plumber and removing your radiators!

Step 4. Final preparations.

Now to stand the tree up. We recommend using one of our Christmas tree stands which are super easy to use. Place the trunk into the stand and tighten the fixings to pinch up against the tree. Once nice and straight, position the tree as close to the desired location and fill the stand with water. Now remove the rest of the netting from the tree and gently move the branches into position.

Old wives tales to retain needles include giving your Christmas tree vodka, lemonade or spraying it with hairspray! However, we recommend you save the alcohol and hair products for yourself, do as nature intended and give your tree fresh, clean water.